Microsoft Wireless Xbox Series/One/PC Carbon Black - Controller



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Microsoft Wireless Xbox Series/One/PC Carbon Black - Controller is a product specially designed for gamers. Enjoy all the benefits that this xbox controller brings to you. It's a wireless controller for Xbox/PC that you can share content with without any major hassle. Dare to enjoy its texture and specialized design.


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Features Microsoft Wireless Xbox Series/One/PC Carbon Black - Controller

Thanks to the benefits of the xbox wireless controller,you have the ease of accessing games and navigation mechanisms:

Hybrid control system

Thanks to its hybrid control system, you can have a better grip and you can access the triggers comfortably. You can also capture and share information or content seamlessly.

Carbon black presentation

It comes in a charcoal black presentation and has sculpted surfaces to give a more precise geometry to the control. Thanks to this, you can take the game to another level. Learn how to integrate control systems that help you optimize the movements of the graphics on the screen. All this through the wireless command control.

Custom button control

By creating control systems you can assign the function of buttons automatically and personalized. Connect any headset that is compatible for your game and integrate headphones that help you have a closer experience with virtual reality.

State-of-the-art technology

The Xbox PC Controller can be easily adapted to portable devices or desktop PCs. It integrates an Xbox Wirelesstechnology, which offers you comfort during the game. It also integrates bluetooth so that you can attach another type of device or so you can share the content you want. It is a product adaptable to Windows 10 and Android processors.

Clear objective

Thanks to its design, you can have direct and yet familiar control on the game console controller.

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