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Promo GoPro Hero 12 + Acer Card 256GB Gift - Action Camera



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The latest and greatest GoPro, the HERO12 Black has incredible image quality, even better HyperSmooth video stabilization, and a huge increase in battery life! It lets you shoot best-in-class 5.3K video and incorporates HDR (High Dynamic Range) to capture once-in-a-lifetime journeys and incredible everyday moments in even more detail. Thanks to its improved power management, it delivers twice the continuous recording at 5.3K60 (70 minutes). Tough, lightweight and easy to mount for hands-free shooting, it's ready for anything – on land or water – while advanced video stabilization makes content fluid on rough terrain.


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Features GoPro Hero 12 Action Camera

Rugged and submersible up to 10 m

Fully waterproof and as rugged as ever, the HERO12 Black GoPro is ready to capture the fun of any adventure. Its legendary durability can withstand whatever is thrown at it, be it mud, snow or water (up to depths of 10 m). The water-repellent lens cover helps remove glare and otros artifacts so you can capture spectacular videos and photos.

Twice the duration

The HERO12 Black's dramatically improved battery efficiency is combined with the included 1720mAh Enduro battery to deliver a whopping twofold increase in 5.3K60 video playback time on every charge. You'll enjoy 70 minutes of continuous recording at 5.3K60 (our highest setting), plus more than 1.5 hours at 5.3K30 and over 2.5 hours of continuous recording at 1080p30.6 Thanks to its advanced technology, Enduro also improves performance in cold temperatures compared to previous cameras and GoPro batteries.

Videos and photos with High Dynamic Range

The HERO12 Black GoPro takes best-in-class picture quality to the next level with HDR for videos (5.3K and 4K) and photos. Ideal in environments with shadows and bright highlights, HDR captures the subtle details of the scene that would normally be lost in the darkness of shadows or disappear in bright areas of your shot. The result is dynamic content with precision and realistic colors.

Incredible image quality

With 5.3K video recording offering 91% more resolution than 4K and a staggering 665% higher resolution than 1080p, HERO12 Black captures the action with sharp detail and cinematic image quality, with HDR (High Dynamic Range), while taking 27MP photos. You can also extract stunning 24.7MP footage from your favorite shots using the GoPro Quik app.

Up to 8x slow motion

Everything is more surprising in slow motion. HERO12 Black lets you record up to 8x slow-motion action at resolutions up to 2.7K for playback

Normal speed or super-smooth slow motion, allowing you to capture epic details you might never appreciate with the naked eye.

Emmy-winning HyperSmooth 6.0 stabilization

HyperSmooth continues to raise the bar for extreme fluidity content and has the hardware behind it: a 2021 Emmy Award in the category of camera sensor and software stabilization. The HERO12 Black enhances this even further by maximizing HyperSmooth AutoBoost performance with more stabilization, while still offering less image cropping. Ride bikes, skates, skis, chases your kids through the park or captures fun shots from your pet's point of view: even the most moving content will have that fluid effect.

Mounting flexibility

Bike mounts, surfboard mounts, car mounts, rod mounts, tripods, grips, extension sticks and much more. GoPro has a wide variety of supports that will help you get any shot you can dream of. Capture your adventures from spectacular new angles and look at them like never before. Record point of view footage and relive incredible moments exactly as you saw them. The HERO12 Black's super-easy mounting system makes it easy to set up shots and change brackets on the fly. The new 1/4-20 stand adds more options by making the HERO12 Black compatible with standard camera mounts and accessories.

Customization with the multimedia module and the focus module

HERO12 Black's modules allow you to customize your GoPro to suit your needs. Use the Media module to turn the HERO12 Black into a powerful multimedia camera. It features a versatile directional microphone capable of prioritizing sound in front of the camera, behind the camera or recording from both directions simultaneously. It also features a standard 3.5mm microphone port and an HDMI output for use on external monitors, plus two shoes you can use to attach lights, LCD screens or otros accessories. Need more light? Illuminate the action and your next adventure with a wide, uniform light with the focus module.

Easy or Pro Controls

The HERO12 Black has two control options that allow you to choose between simple point-and-shoot or full camera control. With the Easy control, simply frame the shot and press the Shutter button for stunning results. Easily switch between panoramic or moving shots, capture slow-motion content and night effects, and make otros adjustments with just a few taps. Pro controls allow you to fine-tune all modes, settings, and functions. Once you've checked the settings, you can save them as a default setting. You can create a whole library of presets for cinematic shots, action content, night captures, or anything else you need.

Front and rear LCD displays

Frame your shots perfectly with the front or rear LCD screen. Use the large rear touchscreen to capture what's in front of you or rotate the camera and use the front screen to make vlogs and selfies. The front display offers a smooth live preview with crisp detail, while touch controls on the rear display make it easy to change capture mode and adjust settings.

Webcam and live streaming

Use HERO12 Black as an ultra-versatile webcam or live stream your next activity while streaming with smooth HyperSmooth video stabilization and crisp resolution.

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