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TooQ LP1023F 13-27" Max 30Kg - Fixed Monitor/TV Stand



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The LP1023F TooQ or TooQ LP1023F Fixed Monitor/TV Stand 13-27"" Max. 30 kg is made of state-of-the-art materials. It is a small size stand that withstands up to 30 kilograms in weight and is supremely compact. You will adapt it quickly, thanks to its assembly kit. Dare to buy it at once and enjoy the benefits of the brand TooQ and its 10 years warranty.

Features TooQ LP1023F 13-27" Max 30Kg - Fixed Monitor/TV Stand

Learn about the main functionalities of the wall monitor bracket.

You can fix your TV/monitor from 20 to 23 inches wherever you choose

You can install it almost anywhere in your house, unlike what happens with other models.

Made of high-strength metal

Supports 30 kilograms of weight. If it wasn't that strong, your monitor/TV might fall.

Space is very important today

You will install it just 15 millimeters from the wall.

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