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The UNI Rosa Tamagotchi is an interactive and modern toy that combines the nostalgia of the classic Tamagotchis with an updated and colorful design. This wearable device features a screen where you care for and raise your own virtual pet, providing food, attention, and fun to keep it happy and healthy. With its pink casing and charming details, the UNI Rosa Tamagotchi is a fresh and fun take on a beloved classic, providing hours of virtual entertainment and care. It has a battery that charges with USB type C and Wifi


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Features Tamagotchi UNI Rosa

Attractive Design

With a pink shell and charming details, the UNI Rosa Tamagotchi has a modern and attractive design that captures the attention of children and adults alike.


The toy is equipped with a chargeable battery with USB type C, in addition, it has Wifi technology. The colorful display shows the virtual pet and its surroundings in a vibrant and attractive way.

Virtual Parenting

Users assume the role of caretakers of a virtual pet. They should feed her, bathe her, play with her, and make sure she is happy and healthy.

Variety of Pets

The UNI Rosa Tamagotchi offers a selection of virtual pets to choose from, each with their own unique needs and personalities.


The toy usually includes mini-games that allow users to interact and entertain their virtual pets, as well as earn virtual coins to buy food and otros items.

Connection between Devices

Some modern versions of Tamagotchi allow connection between devices, allowing users to interact and play together.

Growth and Evolution

As users care for their virtual pets, they can grow and evolve, adding an element of progression and exploration to the game.

Touch screen

In the most modern versions, it is possible that the toy has a touch screen that facilitates interaction with the virtual pet and navigation through the different options of the game.

Alarms and Reminders

Like the classic Tamagotchis, these versions can have alarm and reminder functions so that users do not forget to take care of their virtual pets.


The UNI Rosa Tamagotchi is a portable device that can be easily carried everywhere, allowing users to take care of their virtual pets at any time.

Specifications Tamagotchi UNI Pink




  • Pink


  • Plastic

Assembly Required

  • No


  • Tamagotchi


  • WiFi
  • USB Type C


  • Rechargeable

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