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Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch



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In the latest installment in this series of role-playing and action games, players will face fearsome monsters and climb to reach new heights. You will travel to the picturesque Kamura Village, a peaceful mountain village where players will discover a unique culture and the latest in hunting technology. With a special insect called "cablebicho", hunters will be able to move in any direction and climb imposing cliffs and structures. All combat zones in each mission are connected, allowing you to explore the vast and vertical landscape without loading times.

Features Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch

Accept the challenge and join the hunt!Monster Hunter Rise,the newest installment in the acclaimed Monster Hunter series of role-playing and action games! Take on fearsome monsters and use the rewards you get to create a wide variety of weapons and armor. The latest game in the Monster Hunter Series! Action that gives new life to your hunts. Open premises, allowing you to go wherever you want.

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