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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Mario Nintendo Switch Edition



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Delivery On 04/08/2021

Transform your home into a racing circuit with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, a new way to enjoy Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch!

Drive a go-kart in the real world using Mario Kart controls and experience first-person action thanks to the built-in camera that streams images directly to your Nintendo Switch or TV. You will see your house transform into the depths of the ocean, in a desert with dunes... and many more scenarios of the world of Mario Kart!

Features Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Edition Mario Nintendo Switch

  • Discover your home from a new perspective thanks to Mario Kart races that come to life on your screen. While you race on the circuit you've created, other riders will try to get to the finish line sooner. Use the objects you can pick up on the circuit to stop you!
  • What happens in the game will affect the way the kart moves in reality. For example, if you use a mushroom, your kart will accelerate, but if a rival hits you with a red shell, it will stop.
  • Your family and friends can join in the fun and have a great time with multiplayer races for up to four players, as long as each player has their own kart, a console Nintendo Switch, and a copy of the game.

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