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Luigis Mansion 3 Nintendo Switch



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Luigi's dream vacation turns into a nightmare that will put your hair on end at Luigi's Mansion 3 to Nintendo Switch! Luigi has embarked on a dream vacation with Mario and his friends, after being invited to stay in a luxurious hotel.


  • Tools and skills: Luigi is still as scary as usual, but at least now he has more tools and skills. Try Luigi's powerful new moves: the jolt, the Chupoun and the thruster!
  • Team up: Team up with Professor Fesor's new invention: Gomiluigi! This double luigi, which is much greener if possible, can sneak through very narrow spaces, walk on skewers and help Luigi overcome obstacles he could not save alone.
  • Change characters: Switch between Luigi and Gomiluigi in single player mode or call a friend to control one of the two.
  • Explore: Explore the Gritz Hotel along different-themed flats filled with traps and abominable enemies.
  • Challenges: Complete time trial challenges along with up to seven other players on the different floors of the Challenge Tower.

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