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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Game Nintendo Switch



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Animal Crossing: New Horizon is a virtual space that recreates an island where you can explore, collect various resources to build objects and perform varied activities, as well as communicate and share with other players. Enjoy a real-time experience with the Animal Crossing Switch using your portable console Nintendo or TV.

Features Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Game Nintendo Switch

Choose a motivating character

Once you design your own character, your only challenge will be to survive and complete the most diverse activities as if you were in real life.

Create your own adventure

The Animal Crossing Game will offer you multiple opportunities to explore a desert island and use your imagination to make it more habitable.

A community to have the most fun

By buying Animal Crossing New Horizons you will have the possibility to create a community with your friends and other anthropomorphic beings that will motivate you to overcome survival challenges.

Every day is different

The game Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch uses the current date and time to offer you a different experience every day: hunt insects, fish or simply contemplate the landscape. You will find friends who will help you and amuse you with their attractive personality.

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