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Milo Case - Milo Accessories

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Case Milo is a molded felt carrying case to store and transport your walkie talkie or Milo 1 Action. In addition, this accessory comes with a carabiner to be able to hook it to your backpack easily. Don't wait any longer and protect your Milo with this high-performance case!


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The cover of your Milo Action

You won't have to press buttons to communicate. You just put it in its clip-on case

Attach Milo™ to your handlebars with one of the specially designed clips, so you'll have your hands free.

When you engage your Milo, Milo's™™ unique clip system uses magnets to activate a mechanical locking lock that holds the Milo™ in position until you turn it to remove it.

Clear voice in all conditions

Speak clearly to everyone in your group, even in noisy environments. Six low-distortion digital microphones and sophisticated background noise and wind reduction for a clear voice in any conditions.

Reliable MiloNet™ mesh network

The Milos™ create their own mesh network, so you don't need Wi-Fi or phone signal. The range between two Milos™ is 600 m depending on the terrain. The MiloNet™ mesh network can extend that reach when your group of 3 or more people separates.

Simpler, impossible

1. Connect

Simple grouping. Zoom in on the Milos™, press a button and wait for the audible warning to be heard. You are already connected.

2. Clip

The Milo™ clip uses magnets to hold your Milo™, activating a secure mechanical lock. The clip can be clipped onto the strap of a bag, bracelet or bicycle handlebar and won't come loose even if you fall or go over potholes

3. Enjoy

Milo™ is water and dust resistant and can be completely immersed in water. It works in extreme cold conditions and in direct sunlight, so you can take your Milo™ on a motorbike on dusty roads, skiing or surfing.

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