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Just be... Fitness Hula Hoop Blue 1.5 KG - Sport and Leisure


Just Be


The fitness hoop is a versatile tool that strengthens core muscles, improves posture and flexibility. It is suitable for beginners and experts. Plus, with just 15-20 minutes a day, you can burn calories and promote blood circulation. Its soft EVA foam coating provides comfort, while its internal polyurethane structure guarantees strength and lightness. This durable and portable hoop is perfect for use at home, the gym or outdoors. Keep your body in shape with this effective fitness tool.


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Features Just be... Hula Hoop Pink Fitness Hoop 1.5 KG

Build Your Strength with the Fitness Hoop

Strengthen your core muscles, including your abdomen and lower back, improving your posture and flexibility with the just be.... Suitable for both beginners and fitness experts.

Effective Weight Loss

Spend just 15-20 minutes a day at home or at the gym to burn extra calories and contribute to weight loss.

Promotes Optimal Blood Circulation

The movement of the Hoop Ring promotes blood circulation throughout the body, providing greater freedom in blood flow.

Comfort and Strength in One

With a soft EVA foam coating, the underwire offers cushioned support for the body. Its internal polyurethane structure guarantees robustness and lightness.

Durable & Portable Design

The fitness hoop has been designed to last over time. Its mounting mechanism, composed of 6 sections, makes it easy to transport and allows it to be used at home, work, the gym or even in the park. Get the most out of your workouts with this versatile and effective tool.

Specifications Just be... Fitness Hula Hoop Blue 1.5KG


  • 1.5 KG


  • Exterior: Eva Rubber
  • Interior: Rigid

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Just Be