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Apple Watch SE GPS 44mm Aluminum in Space Grey with Black Sports Strap - Smartwatch



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Everything you want. For less. A large Retina display so you have more information at a glance. Advanced sensors that record all your ways of moving. Incredible performances that ensure your health. The more you know the Apple Watch SE,the more you'll be surprised. Starting with its price.

Features Apple Watch SE GPS GPS 44mm Aluminium in Space Grey with Black Sport Strap - Smartwatch

  • A rounded way to meet your goals. If you're looking for motivation, you'll find it in the Activity rings, which show you how much you move throughout the day. They use three simple metrics: Movement, Exercise and Standing. You can compete with your friends, discover custom workouts and even receive rewards for your achievements.
  • Like a fish in water. The Apple Watch SE is waterproof to 50 metres.1 It tracks your swim lengths and sets in the pool as you stroke, and has plenty of time to plot your course on a map when you're swimming in the ocean.
  • See how many ways you can work up a sweat. Choose from a whole host of workouts: running, walking, yoga, cycling, high-intensity intervals, dancing and more. You can even pair Apple Watch SE with any compatible machine at the gym.2 Your watch gives you more, so you can give back.
  • You've moved. And it knows it. Just lift your wrist to see workout data like distance, pace, laps, cadence, calories and heart rate. And the always-on altimeter lets you see the elevation gain and loss of ascent and descent in real time.
  • Music to your ears. And podcasts. And audiobooks. Apple Music puts 70 million songs at your fingertips to help you reach your goals.3 Plus, you can enjoy your favorite podcasts or listen to an audiobook. Here's where you'll find the inspiration you need for your next workout, and all the ones to come.
  • It feels good. You feel good. The Apple Watch SE is your ideal companion to a healthier life. It displays information that can motivate you to improve habits, monitors your heart rate, and lets you know if it senses anything unusual so you can check in with your doctor. It can even make a call for you in an emergency.
  • Your dream watch. The new Sleep app, paired with iPhone, is perfect for tracking your sleep and creating a proper sleep routine. You can see your sleep trends over time and see if you're doing what you set out to do.
  • Ittakes care of you all the time. The Apple Watch alerts you to wash your hands for the recommended 20 seconds. A gentle tap alerts you if the noise levels around you get too loud. You can track your menstrual cycle right from your wrist. Or pause to find your moment of calm with the Breathe app. Your watch cares about your well-being full-time.
  • Fall detection and SOS emergency. Thanks to its built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, Apple Watch SE detects if you've taken a serious fall and automatically calls emergency services if you're unable to move.4 You can also make an emergency call just by holding down the side button, even when you're abroad.5
  • Connect to the world. With or without a mobile. Call the office, answer an urgent email, get your bearings with the built-in compass, or follow turn-by-turn directions on Maps. If you have a mobile-connected model, you can do all that without carrying your phone.6 Hear that? It's the call of freedom.
  • You and your family, hand in hand. Family Settings lets you use your iPhone to link the watches of kids and older people who don't have iPhones.7 So everyone stays in touch by call, message, or Walkie-Talkie. And they can listen to music, browse apps, and close their Activity rings. Autonomy for them. Peace of mind for you.
  • Siri answers every second. Want to know if there's a pizza place nearby, tomorrow's schedule, or the name of that '80s song that just came on the radio? Just ask. Siri even translates phrases in other languages in real time. Very good.
  • No wallet? No problem. Shop at stores that accept contactless payments, show your boarding pass at the airport, or go to the movies and skip the box office. It's the easiest and safest way to pay without having to use cash.
  • There's a sphere for that. Surfing, climbing, photography... Whatever your interests, there's a watch face for everyone. Now it's easy to discover new watch faces on the App Store, websites, blogs or social networks, and share them with anyone you want by email or message.
  • For organized people. Plan your day, organize your tasks, and stay focused. With apps like Actions, Focus, and Fantastical, you have everything you need on your wrist.
  • For explorers. Find out which direction you're facing, where the sun is and what altitude you're at with this watch face that's perfect for adventure.
  • For stargazers. Follow the cycle of day and night with SolarWatch, and discover stars, planets and constellations with Night Sky.
  • For those who live on the water. Check Dawn Patrol to see the waves and wind before you grab your surfboard, and pick the perfect day for sailing or kayaking with Waterspeed data.
  • For photographers. With everything Lumy has to offer on times, light conditions and weather, there's no sunset your camera can't handle.
  • For meteorologists in the making. CARROT Weather displays ultra-detailed weather forecasts, with information on humidity, air pressure and more.

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