tp-link TL-PA4010PKIT AV600 - Smart Plug



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TP-Link AV600 allows you to take advantage of the existing electrical installation at home to transfer data at very high speed and simultaneously to the electrical energy. Turn your home into a smart zone without the need for additional wiring. Setting up TP-Link has never been easier, as you only have to adapt one plug to instantly have a network infrastructure.

Features TP-Link TL-PA4010PKIT AV600 - Smart Plug

The built-in plug makes it easy to set up a router TP-Link so as not to waste the power outlet. It reaches speeds of up to 600 Mbps with a range of 300 meters with domestic electrical wiring. Build a multimedia entertainment network easily and quickly.

600 Mbps x 300 meters

The TP-Link plug has been designed with advanced HomePlug AV technology that allows the user to keep transfer rates stable. It achieves a continuous flow of data at high speed that reaches up to 600 Mbps with a maximum distance of 300 meters. TP-Link AV600 is a great solution for home use that helps connect any compatible device.

High performance

Setting up TP-Link is easy thanks to its built-in current filter that helps improve Powerline communication performance. Suppresses interference and noise generated by nearby electrical appliances.

Pairing button

With a single pairing button is how to set up a router TP-Link is done in just minutes. It also helps you keep your data protected from potential hacker attacks thanks to 128-bit AES encryption.

Additional power outlet

TP-Link plug plugs an additional device into the adapter as if it were a regular power outlet.

Intelligent communication

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