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irobot Roomba 676 - Robot Vacuum Cleaner



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Clean floors daily, with Roomba 676. Clean or schedule cleaning, anytime, anywhere, with the home app irobot HOME. Roomba 676 automatically returns to its load base when the job is complete. Its powerful cleaning system captures dust, dirt, all hair types and even larger debris, both on hard floors and carpets. With patented dirt sensors, Roomba 676 works more thoroughly where dirt hides. irobot is the number 1 brand in sales of vacuum robots and the only leading brand with two multisurface brushes, one for lifting dirt and one for picking it up.

Features irobot Roomba 676 - Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Move smoothly: the iAdapt® navigation system uses a complete set of sensors that allow your robot to move through all the nooks and crannies of your home.
  • Detect dirt that could be overlooked: use acoustic sensors to detect high concentrations of dirt and then perform a deep cleaning in those areas.
  • Clean under furniture: The low profile of the robot vacuum cleaner Roomba® allows you to clean under most furniture and base sockets, so dirt has nowhere to hide.
  • You won't fall down stairs: slope detection sensors allow Roomba to avoid stairs and other dangerous slopes.
  • Connect to clean from anywhere: The irobot HOME app allows you to clean and schedule cleaning when it's convenient for you, anytime, anywhere.
  • Support through the app: Access tips, tricks and assistance from the palm of your hand.
  • Status control: Use the irobot HOME application to view the status of cleanup jobs.
  • Clean according to schedule: Your robot can be pre-configured to vacuum up to seven times a week, so that your home stays clean every day.
  • Clean all types of floors: your robot Roomba® automatically adjusts to clean the carpet, ceramic, wood and laminate floors of all the rooms of the house.
  • It is automatically docked and recharged: your robot vacuum cleaner is Roomba® always ready to clean, as it automatically returns to the Home Base charging station™ to recharge between cleaning and cleaning.
  • De-embed, lift and suck dirt from the floor: The patented three-phase cleaning system with rotating side brush is specifically designed to de-embed, lift and suck dust and dirt from carpets, carpets and hard floors.
  • Sweep along walls and corners: The rotating side brush pushes waste into the cleaning system in three phases.
  • AeroVac™ filter: captures dirt and fine dust.

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