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Google Nest Cam Indoor - Security Camera

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Indoor Nest Cam can tell you what's happening at home and has built-in smart alerts that alert you when activity is detected. It can distinguish between people, animals, and vehicles, and only sends you alerts of what matters to you.

Watch what's happening anytime with 24-hour live video,and talk and listen from the Google Home app. Activity Zones allow you to choose alerts for specific zones to find out if any important activity is detected.

In addition, Nest Cam has been designed to be placed anywhere, and has a table stand that also allows you to install it on a wall.

Features Google Nest Cam Indoor - Security Camera

  • Different alerts for different activities. Is the technician gone? Has the dog climbed onto the couch? Nest Cam has built-in intelligence that allows you to distinguish between people, animals, and vehicles, and alerts you to importantactivity 1.
  • Find out what happens 24 hours a day. Nest Cam streams live 1080p HD video so you can take a look at your stuff anytime, wherever you are. 1 HDR helps you see key details by improving brightness and contrast in daylight, and Night Vision delivers sharp images even if it's low or dark.
  • Go back in time. If you miss a notification or other event, you can go back and see what happened to 3 hours of event video history at no additional cost. 2 And you can always add a Nest Aware subscription to get up to 60 days of video history per event. 3
  • Talk to whoever is there from anywhere. Talk and listen to those at home with the built-in speaker and microphone. Check out the people you care about or tell your dog to get off the couch from the Google Home app. 1
  • Set it up in minutes. Nest Cam connects to most household plugs. Simply download the Google Home app and set up your camera in a few steps.
  • Your privacy comes first. With two-step verification and video encryption, Nest Cam makes sure to protect your privacy. The At Home and Away routines give you the option to turn off your camera automatically when you're not at home so no video is recorded or streamed until you're gone.
  • Choose the areas that interest you the most. The Activity Zones feature allows you to define specific zones and receive notifications if something happens in them. Thus, you will only be notified about the things that interest you. 1
  • Designed to suit your style. Nest Cam is designed to be placed anywhere. It has an integrated table stand, a wall mount and a multidirectional adjustment hinge to get the perfect angle, wherever you put it.
  • Better together. Nest Cam works with Hey Google so you can see the camera's live feed on your Nest smart displays. Just say "Hey Google, show me the living room"4. You can also enlarge the image to see it up close.
  • Made with conscience. Nest Cam is sustainably designed and its plastic parts are made from a minimum of 45% recycled plastic. 5
  • Don't have Wi-Fi? Do not worry. If your Wi-Fi connection stops working, Nest Cam will automatically record important events for up to an hour on your local memory. When everything works again, you'll be able to see exactly what's happened.

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