Google Nest Audio Carbon - Smart Speaker

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Amazing sound. Help with just asking for it. Here's Google Nest Audio. Listen to the music as it should be: with crisp voices and intense basses flooding the room. Just say "Hey Google" to play music and ask about almost everything from time to news. Link two Nest Audios for stereo sound. You can also easily create an audio system at home with your other Nest speakers. Nest Audio has been created to fit your home perfectly: it offers you incredible sound, and a modern design.

Features Google Nest Audio Carbon - Smart Speaker

  • Sound first and foremost. Just by saying "Hey Google, put music on," the room will be flooded with intense bass and crisp vocals. Play your music, favorite radio stations from the streaming services you use the most. Nest Audio adapts to your environment and what you're listening to to make the music sound better. Now the music and news will be heard more clearly than ever. To use Nest Audio,you need a Wi-Fi network, a nearby power outlet, a Google account, and a compatible mobile device.
  • Music here, there and everywhere. Create an audio system at home and inject it with music. Link two Nest Audios for stereo sound. You can also bundle Nest Audio with the rest of your Nest speakers and displays, Chromecast-compatible devices, or compatible speakers and put music around the house. In addition, it is very easy to set up.
  • A great help at home. You can say, for example, "Hey Google, what weather are you going to do this weekend?" You can also ask Google for news or sports results. Listen to your agenda. 1 Make calls. 2 Set alarms and timers. You can even turn on the light or turn up the temperature. 3 And all with just using the voice.
    • 1 Custom features require an additional setup and registration process, and support up to six users.
    • 2 To make calls, both you and the person you call must have a Google Duo account.
    • 3 Compatible smart lights or thermostat are required.
  • Careful design. Environmentally friendly. The colors, size and shape of Nest Audio are designed to fit into any room in the house. Its design is also environmentally friendly. The case is made of 70% recycled plastic. The housing consists of fabric, a frame, a foot and several smaller pieces.

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