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Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation Greyish Blue - Smart Speaker



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Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker with a clock that will serve as a virtual assistant, in addition to serving as a decorative clock for any space. This Alexa smart speaker is one of the most popular in smart speaker dialing. Buy this 4th generation smart speaker in white.

Features Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation Blue-Gray - Smart Speaker

Smart speakers like the Echo Dot 4 are here to stay. Artificial intelligence provides a virtual assistant that can trim tasks, schedule appointments, search Google and much more using voice. These are the relevant features:

Use Alexa, a voice service

The smart speaker Amazon makes a presence with the help of Alexa, a voice service that is located in the cloud. Alexa will be able to understand different voice commands to multitask. It can understand almost any language and can be configured to control a home with home automation devices.

It is a small and compact sphere

Dial design can be combined in any environment of your home. You can have it in the kitchen, dining room, living room or even bedrooms. The dial, coated with fabric maya, is really light even with the built-in digital clock. The top contains the necessary buttons to manage the volume or deactivate the microphone.

In addition, it has inputs for headphones or microphones, along with the respective power source.

Digital clock and various functions

The clock stays active at all times, making this device a feasible means that you can place in the living room as decoration. Alexa can receive a variety of voice commands to accomplish certain tasks. If you have home automation features in your home, Alexa can be set up to voice control the devices you want. You can also ask him to remind you what you have in your agenda for a certain day, to know the news or as an alarm clock.

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