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Nintendo Classic GAME & Watch: Super Mario Bros - Console



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Nintendo Classic GAME & Watch brings you hours of adventures specially designed to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Recreate an important moment in the history of platform video games or relive beautiful moments of childhood with this redesign of the emblematic console. Play Super Mario Bros as if it were the 80s and teach Kuppa who rules.

Features Nintendo Classic GAME & Watch: Super Mario Bros - Console

This retro Super Mario Bros console will allow you to access the original video game and relive many adventures of the iconic character. Enjoy the time with the fun characters of Nintendo thanks to the watch included in the anniversary package, which will give you surprises when you see it.

Go back to the 80s

The original Nintendo Classic GAME & Watch console was sold in Japan in 1980, being the first portable-type device from Nintendo. Now you can get this retro Nintendo gold console that includes the original game in addition to a digital clock. All this so that you can relive the time of childhood or to know, for the first time, what video games were like when they were just created.

Nintendo Classic GAME & Watch

Jump!, jump! and jump back! with Super Mario Bros, on precipices, Goombas and any obstacle. It enters the pipes as in the old days but with more precise controls due to the control cross that now includes the console. Play alone or remember your childhood with your friends.

Great challenges

If you are looking for an extra Super Mario Bros challenge, access The Lost Levels so you don't feel like biting the dust. If, on the contrary, you need a relaxing entertainment, you can play Ball.

Digital clock

This anniversary item has been designed to play up to 35 different animations over time.

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