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Seagate Expansion 2.5" 4TB USB 3.0 - Reconditioned - ED



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*Refurbished Product Damaged Packaging

Refurbished products with Damaged Packaging are items in which the box comes with some malformation or is missing one of the plastic bags of the elements inside. These items, not being entirely the same as a new product, become a refurbished product with damaged packaging but the product itself has no damage.

Seagate Expansion 2.5"" USB 3.0 is an external hard drive that can be connected via a USB port. Seagate portable hard drive expansion allows you to save all kinds of information, especially for security backups. Seagate expansion is the means you need to get the information you need anywhere.

Features Seagate Expansion 2.5" 4TB USB 3.0 - External Hard Drive

The Seagate Expansion is the portable hard drive par excellence for backing up a PC or laptop before formatting. This is due to the following characteristics:

4TB storage space

The 4 TB that you can save on this device will mean that you do not need another device to keep any information. You can store the file types or data you want.

No software or additional needs

You don't have to install drivers or any other software for the external hard drive to work perfectly. Connect it and drag the files you want.

Support for USB 3.0 ports

USB 3.0 ports are fantastic thanks to the ability to write and read large files in a short time. This allows you to move the information or files in less time.

Simple, lightweight and durable

You can take this device to the place you want, since it fits perfectly in a bag or similar. It is also possible thanks to its low weight.

Protect information securely

The data stored inside will be protected by a lightweight aluminum frame protecting the hard drive from slight blows or sudden movements, without compromising the contents.

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