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Dyson Air Multipler AM07 Blanco - Ventilador de Torre - Reacondicionado - ED



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Color White and Silver Technology Air Multiplier No Blades, No Bursts, Safe, Easy to Clean Leans with a Touch Power Remote Control: 56 W Sleep Timer Function and Remote Control Safe and easy to clean


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Features Dyson Air Multipler AM07 White - Tower Fan

potent. silent. sure.

With Air MultiplierTM technology and redesigned airflows, Dyson engineers have created the powerful, quiet Dyson Cool™ fans. And since they have no blades or grates, they are safe and easy and do not produce bursts of air.

Smooth, gust-free airflow

Some fans generate an unpleasant airflow with gusts. The Dyson Cool™ fans project a smooth, powerful and high-speed airflow.

Acoustically designed and now up to 75% quieter

With profiled air ducts to reduce turbulence, the Dyson Cool™ fans are up to 75% quieter than previous versions. This way they refresh you without interrupting your sleep.

Mixed flow impeller

Using the technologies found in turbosoplants and jet engines, a mixed-flow impeller breathes air into the machine. The 11 blades of the impeller are asymmetrical so that each is synchronized with the others, thus balancing the tone. And each blade has wavy edges, to reduce turbulence and improve acoustics.

Aerodynamic ramp

Thanks to the pressure created by the impeller, up to 38 liters of air per second are driven by an eccentrically arranged loop amplifier.

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