ddr4 2666MHz PC4-21300 8GB CL19 Crucial - RAM



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Crucial DDR4 2666 is the solution to your computer's slowness problems. This memory will help your programs load quickly to work with several windows at once, as it improves the performance of your system. You can easily install it without the need for a computer technician.

Features Crucial DDR4 2666MHz PC4-21300 8GB CL19 - RAM

Need space, but don't want to change computers? Crucial DDR4 crucial 8GB 2666 will give you a quick and lasting solution to this problem. Here we leave you its main characteristics:

Optimizes short-term data memory

Load your favorite apps, surf the web, edit a spreadsheet, or create a fabulous design without expecting the project to grind to a halt and need to load more than the prudent time. With this RAM you optimize the speed and storage capacity.

Multitask easily and without interruption

It improves the workflow, because with this RAM you can open several windows at once and multitask without any interruption.

Maximizes the value of your system

This memory is adaptable to any computer and automatically gives you the resources you need for maximum performance.

Its installation does not require technical knowledge

DDR4 8GBCrucial memory does not require installation software. Each product comes with a user manual that will easily explain how to install it yourself manually.

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