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Sony DualSense White - Wireless Controller for PS5



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Your kids will remember it for a lifetime. Enjoy your favorite games with the PS5 controller Sony DualSense. This modern device will allow you to manage your network games with total comfort. Focus on making insurmountable plays, as this wireless controller will not bring you problems to be highly sensitive to touch.


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Features Sony DualSense White - Wireless Controller for PS5

The latest in wireless controllers for PlayStation is here. We present its main features:

Has haptic feedback

This wireless control has replaced traditional vibration motors allowing for "haptic feedback". With this new technology, the steering becomes more sensitive to touch and allows for more precise plays.

Features two adaptive triggers

This controller Sony PS5 has two adaptive triggers. You will be able to control the pulse resistance depending on the game. It is ideal for those where it is required to brake constantly and in the scenes of tension where at the minimum movements you lose.

When setting the resistance, the pulse sensation of each trigger will be completely different.

It has an integrated speaker

The PS5 DualSense controller includes a built-in microphone. This allows you to connect a headset with the 3.5 mm minijack connector that comes integrated to improve your gaming experience.

You can create new game options

This new version of the DualSense has the button called Create, which will allow you to capture and configure your games. If you are a fan, this option will help you have a collection of your best plays.

It has an integrated battery to save energy

The new Ps5 version promotes energy savings. It has an integrated battery of high resistance and duration.

The playstation 5 controller evolves

The new PS5 wireless controller is the evolution of the old Dualshock 4 for PlayStation 4. This new controller gives you amazing technology, but it keeps a lot of features from the old PS4 controller for your convenience.

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