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Belkin Boost Charge Usb-C External Battery + USB-C 20000mAh Cable



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A high-capacity battery designed for USB-C devices, including MacBook, iPad Pro, Surface Pro, and Nintendo Switch. The USB-c cable supports 30W USB Power Delivery 2.0 to quickly charge your device with USB-C and the battery itself. Simplify charging your devices and travel light thanks to the convenience of a single cable solution. An additional USB-A port offers faster charging for older devices.

Features Belkin Boost Charge External Battery USB-C + USB-C Cable 20000mAh

With performance as the main axis.

20100 mAh is a very significant amount of power to charge devices with USB-C. It's enough to fully charge a MacBook, offering an additional 28 hours of battery life. With this power in your pocket keeping your devices charged, even high-performance ones like the MacBook, has never been easier. *Maximum video playback hours are calculated by comparing the mAh capacity of this external battery with the maximum possible video playback hours with a MacBook, iPhone 8, or iPad (2017). The actual additional hours may vary depending on factors that are different for each user. ? Lightning to USB-A cable to charge an iPhone or iPad not included.

High capacity external battery with Power Delivery

Equipped with USB Power Delivery 2.0 this external battery can charge a MacBook with up to 30 W. As simple as connecting the included USB-C cable to a 27W wall charger to fill the battery. The battery is also equipped with a USB-A port with an output of 2.4 amps/12 watts, capable of charging at high speed an iPhone, an iPad and other devices that are charged by USB-A.

The simplicity of a single cable

The convenience of a single cable that charges your devices with USB-C and fills the external battery makes the charging experience easier. It reduces the need to have multiple similar-looking cables, saving time and avoiding tangles.

Security matters

Belkin batteries include heat, voltage and circuit monitoring sensors, so this external battery will not overheat or damage your devices. If there are excess heat, voltage fluctuations or incidents in the circuits, a control mechanism is initiated that deactivates the battery immediately to ensure complete safety.

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