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Watch Dogs Legion Gold Edition - PS4 Game



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Watch Dogs Legion Gold Edition is a game set in the hypothetical scenario of a London completely collapsed and guarded by repressive military forces. This game includes you in the strength of the resistance that tries to cope with the situation. Without a doubt, it is a plot full of vigor and courage. Dare to buy Watch Dogs Legion Gold Edition. You won't regret it.

Features of Watch Dogs Legion Gold Edition PS4

In the landscape of PS4 video games, without a doubt, this game offers you unparalleled experiences.

You can organize your own resistance group

Due to the collapse of London society, everywhere you can find fellow fighters, so creating a resistance group will not be difficult. Although you should walk cautiously and be strategic in order to get the best results.

Become a hero

The dictatorship is wreaking havoc on the city. But you have the possibility to recover the city with the help of your companions. The objective will be to try to implant the seed of the revolution so that the members of the city recover what rightfully belongs to them.

Share the game experience

Like other PS4 games, this one allows you to share the gaming experience with your friends. You can form teams to share content online and support the most interesting missions within the story or plot of the game.

Prepare for future missions

The story of Watch Dog is just the beginning of a saga that will undoubtedly bring adventures to your gaming experience. Overcoming the difficulties of this level will allow you to prepare the ground for the discovery of new intrigues within the game.

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