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Ride 4 PS4



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Are you ready to live the best possible experience for a motorcycle enthusiast? RIDE 4 will fan your competitive flame with hundreds of bikes, dozens of tracks and a new level of realism.

Ride 4 PS4 Features

  • New and improved content: Choose from hundreds of officially licensed bikes and drive on dozens of circuits around the world, all designed in extraordinary detail! Each element is designed from CAD data and laser and 3D scanning to achieve millimeter accuracy and allow you to enjoy the best two-wheeled experience.
  • Choose your path: Dely into an incredible dynamic adventure that interacts with your decisions and chart your own route from regional events to professional leagues. Show off your skills on the bike in demanding races, skill tests, track runs and a large series of events. You could even become official test pilots from the most famous manufacturers!
  • Day and night cycles, dynamic climatology and endurance races: RIDE 4 features a system of completely dynamic weather conditions and day and night cycles. Live the races in other circumstances and prove that you are the best drivers in any situation. Plus, for the first time, Resistance mode will test your tenacity with animated pit stops and long-running races – get ready to take on a world where strategy is the ultimate ingredient for success!
  • Neural Artificial Intelligence: Introducing A.N.N.A. (Artificial Neural Network Agent), our revolutionary neural artificial intelligence system based on machine learning. Compete against faster, smarter and more accurate pilots – in short, more human artificial intelligence than ever before!
  • Extended Customization: Compete with your own style! Choose from a multitude of official brands for your rider's attire and customize the aesthetics and mechanics of your bikes. Unleash creativity and design the bike's helmet, suit and décor with total freedom thanks to our new graphic editor. When you're done, share your creations online or discover the best designs in the community!
  • Online competitions: Enjoy the most complete, lag-free online multiplayer experience with our dedicated servers.

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