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Nioh Collection PS5



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Defy death and unleash your dark side. In this great collection, you'll travel to Sengoku-era Japan to take on horrible creatures and legendary warriors in fast, extreme combat. Master the samurai arts in Nioh and unleash your dark side in Nioh 2,both remastered and enhanced for PS5™.

Features Nioh Collection PS5

  • Discover the complete saga of Nioh with its 6 main expansions.
  • Fight the Yokai threat in fast-paced combat at 120 fps with ultra-fast charging times. *To play at 120 fps requires a monitor that supports this feature
  • In addition to all the additional content released to date, this collection includes three new downloadable story chapters, each with new enemies and missions:
    • The Dragon of the North: Venture into the besieged provinces of northern Japan.
    • Rebellious honor: fight in the bloody Winter Campaign of the Siege of Osaka.
    • The end of the massacre: the siege of Osaka during the Summer Campaign concludes.

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