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Nioh 2 PS4



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Tackle a whole series of Japanese stories, legends and myths in Nioh 2. Master the lethal arts of samurai in this sequel to the famous action RPG, where you'll play a mysterious half-human, half-supernatural yokai warrior. Explore the Japan of the violent Sengoku era and the deadly dark realm, both teeming with grotesque and ruthless demons. Unpack your lethal weapons and get rid of all the enemies that cross your path with a new combat system and the ability to transform into a yokai to unleash devastating paranormal powers.

Features Nioh 2 PS4

  • Refine your skills Get ready for the combat of a lifetime with a new mechanic that mixes nioh fan favorites and will require all your concentration and skill.
  • Choose your combat method Follow the samurai's path with traditional weapons, such as swords and hashish, or fill your amrita indicator to employ powerful yokai skills and defeat monsters with a variety of powerful attacks.
  • Upgrade your weapons with yokai form Filling your indicator with amrita not only gives you access to a powerful form of yokai, but also allows you to increase the stats of different weapons and add extra upgrades, such as pushing and preying on downed enemies.
  • Help and let yourself be helped by other players Summon the wraiths left by other Nioh 2 players to help you in combat. Your spirits will assist you until the end of the current level. Or until they are defeated.

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