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Marvel Avengers PS4 Standard Edition



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Marvel's Avengers is an epic third-person action-adventure game that combines an original cinematic story with a single-player or co-op gameplay. Gather teams of up to four players online, master extraordinary skills, customize a growing cast of heroes, and defend Earth from ever-increasing threats.

In a future where superheroes are outside the law, the young Kamala Khan must gather the Avengers in order to stop IMA. Marvel's Avengers offers an epic adventure with new heroes and an ever-developing new story to create the ultimate Avengers experience.

Marvel Avengers PS4 Standard Edition Features

  • Play an original Avengers story:
    • Marvel's Avengers begins during A-Day, when Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Thor celebrate the opening of the Avengers' high-tech base of operations in San Francisco and a Heliport powered by an experimental energy source.
    • The celebration becomes in horror when a catastrophic accident causes unprecedented devastation. The Avengers, responsible for the tragedy, dissolve.
    • Five years later, with the world in danger and superheroes considered fugitives, Kamala Khan, a young woman from New Jersey, uncovers an outrageous conspiracy, and her only hope is to gather the Avengers in time to stop the organization Advanced Mechanical Ideas, one of the greatest that has ever threatened Earth.
  • Accept your powers:
    • Play the single player campaign, gather your group of heroes, give them back their powers and resume the fight against IMA on your own or with online friends.
    • Unlock powerful abilities and exclusive equipment from the most powerful heroes on Earth to play your style.
    • Customize these iconic heroes with classic and familiar outfits, as well as all-new and original designs inspired by over 80 years of Marvel history.
    • Enjoy a flexible and varied combat system packed with customizable skills and equipment that will bring each hero a unique gaming experience.
  • Meet online:
    • Players will be able to embark on heroic (single-player) missions and war zone missions (for single player or cooperatives) around the world aboard a Heliport as a base of operations.
    • Up to four players can gather online to defend earth from ever-increasing threats that only Avengers can eliminate.
    • The story will unfold over several years, and new heroes and regions will be available at no additional cost.

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