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Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4



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Get ready for the best-selling final fantasy in history. Final Fantasy VII will return with a remake with stunning graphics that will make both fans of the saga and new fans relive their favorite moments remastered in high definition.

Features Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4

  • Mako, the planet's vital energy, is slowly running out.
  • In the city of Midgar, eight reactors absorb the mako to supply power to the inhabitants. The Shinra Electricity and Energy Company controls that supply and, through this monopoly, the world. This megacorporation is opposed by the Avalanche group, willing to do anything to protect the planet.
  • Cloud, a former member of the Soldier military group, renders Avalanche his services as a mercenary to ensure the success of his mission to destroy mako reactor No. 1.
  • After completing the mission, Cloud and his new partners flee to Sector 8, where they discover that the explosion has caused more damage than they imagined. In a burning alley, Cloud sees the ghost of an enemy he believed dead.
  • The shadow of that past that he would like to forget leads him to meet a very particular florist.
  • She hands him a yellow flower that, according to the language of the flowers, symbolizes the reunion. Their conversation is interrupted by mysterious spectral beings that loom over them: the Echoes of the planet.
  • Once again, the gears of fate are set in motion.

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