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Doom 3 VR Edition PS4




DOOM 3: VR Edition transforms the acclaimed horror and action shooter of id Software into a terrifying virtual reality experience exclusive to PlayStation VR. Designed for PlayStation 4 and compatible with PlayStation 5, the title includes both DOOM 3 and its two expansions —Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission—with a total of over 15 hours of brazen intensity gameplay and is also compatible with the Aim Controller and Move Controls.

The demons of hell have invaded Mars through an interdimensional portal and threaten to reach Earth. Face the invaders in the claustrophobic corridors of an abandoned research facility and enter hell itself to close the portal and prevent them from invading our planet.


THE FULL DOOM 3 EXPERIENCE, ON PSVR DOOM 3: VR Edition takes the classic action horror shooter and transforms it into a terrifying and immersive VR experience that includes DOOM 3 and its two expansions — Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission — for a total of more than 15 hours of visceral gameplay.

AIM WITH THE COMMAND Take your character's powerful anti-demon arsenal in your hands thanks to the AIMING system with the controller. Use the precision of the AIMING knob to smash heads from afar, peek into corners, shoot blindly from behind a coverage point, and dodge attacks without having to separate your finger from the trigger.

CLASSIC ARMAMENT; RENEWED LOOK AND SOUND Doom 3: VR Edition's arsenal looks and sounds better than ever. All weapons have been designed in high resolution, with textures, shaders and improved visual effects. And, as if that weren't enough, its sound effects have also been revamped, which are now more thunderous and impressive than ever. The task of tearing apart and tearing apart demons has never been more pleasurable.

YOUR STATUS, AT A GLANCE Control at all times the situation of your health, your armor and the batteries of your flashlight just by taking a quick look at the new screen you have on your wrist, or check in the weapons themselves how much ammo they have left.

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