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Return to the incredible world of Borderlands with the long-awaited sequel to this iconic shooter series.

At the edge of the galaxy is a group of planets mercilessly exploited by militarized corporations. Looting and violence are the daily bread in your home: the borderlands. There has emerged a sect of fanatics called Sons of the House, who are spreading like an interstellar plague. Only you count on the allies and the arsenal to finish them off.

Play with one of the four new customizable camera hunters, the toughest treasure hunters in the borderlands. Customize your camera finder with plenty of options available and use their skill trees to suit your favorite playstyle.

Features Borderlands 3 PS4

  • Fight the fans: It prevents the vile Siamese Calypso from unifying the clans of bandits and seesing the power of the galaxy. Only you, a fearless camera finder, have the arsenal and allies to take them down.
  • Instant cooperative action: Play with whoever you want whenever, online or in split-screen co-op, whatever your level or your progress in the mission. Eliminate enemies and overcome team challenges, but take rewards just for yourself. No one here runs out of loot.
  • Aim, shoot and loot: There are over a billion weapons at your disposal and with each fight you'll be able to add some new ones to your arsenal. Some throw explosive saws, others never have to recharge them and you will see some that have legs and are able to chase rivals on foot when you use them.

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