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Travel Tripod Vanguard VESTA TB 204CB Carbon - Photography Accessories




The VESTA TB 204CB is a travel tripod kit designed to combine portability and stability. Constructed from carbon fiber, this compact tripod weighs just 0.8 kg, allowing for maximum portability. Despite its size, it is robust, with a load capacity of 3 kg, ideal for mirrorless cameras. It folds up to 37.5 cm and extends to 130 cm, offering versatility in any environment. The three adjustable leg angles (21°, 50°, 80°) and the low-angle adapter allow for macro or low-angle photography. You can invert the middle column for more options. The VESTA T-46 ball head, compatible with Arca Swiss, adds flexibility. Its unique locking knob makes it easy to adjust as you work, and the QS-64 quick-release shoe ensures quick gear changes


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Features VESTA TB 204CB Carbon Vanguard Travel Tripod

Portability Without Compromise

Immerse yourself in the photographic adventure with the VESTA TB 204CB Travel Tripod, a travel tripod kit that redefines portability without sacrificing stability. Designed with carbon fiber, this compact and lightweight tripod is the perfect choice for mirrorless camera enthusiasts looking to explore the world with a solid foundation.

20 mm Carbon Fiber

With a 20mm carbon fibre design , the tripod weighs just 0.8kg, offering an ultra-lightweight solution for your photographic journeys. Its 4 sections fold compactly up to 37.5 cm, ensuring maximum portability without compromising quality.

Stability for Mirrorless Cameras

Despite its compact size, the VESTA TB 204CB can handle most mirrorless camera kits. With a maximum load capacity of 3kg, this tripod extends to an impressive height of 51 inches/130 cm, providing versatility in any environment.

Versatility for Macro and Low Angle Photography

Three easy-to-adjust leg angles (21°, 50° and 80°) make the VESTA TB 204CB ideal for macro and low-angle photography. In addition, the low-angle adapter allows the center column to be removed to lower to the ground. You can also invert the center column for more creative options.

VESTA T-46 Ball Head: Ease and Stability

Included in the kit, the Arca Swiss compatible VESTA T-46 ball head offers a single, large locking knob for easy and secure adjustment. The QS-64 quick-release shoe facilitates quick gear changes, ensuring you don't miss a moment.

Additional Models for All Your Photography Needs

The VESTA series offers additional models to suit various needs. From aluminum models to separate pan lock and extended charging capabilities for DSLR cameras, the VESTA series has options for every photographer.

Discover the freedom of capturing moments on the move with the VESTA TB 204CB, your ideal photography travel companion.

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