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Oppo A73 5G 8/128GB Navy Blue




It's time to break with the typical curved design. Soft, streamlined and lightweight as a pen, this could be our most practical smartphone yet. OPPO A73 5G is the perfect combination of design and functionality.

Features Oppo A73 5G 8/128GB Navy Blue

  • Side Fingerprint Unlock: Practical and Functional. To make unlocking even easier, we've incorporated a fingerprint scanner into the power button. When you pick up your phone, your finger will go naturally right where you need it to go.
  • Better connectivity, more space. With the built-in 5G modem, you'll experience a 5G experience that will take you into a different world. Once you have access to this new 5G sphere you will be glad to have enough space to store all that this new world has to offer.
  • Faster charging, longer usage time.OPPO A73 5G will be up and running throughout the day. Super power-saving mode increases the duration of charging to the limit, and night sleep mode optimization conserves battery power while you sleep.
  • Just for your eyes. Incredible image sharpness, instant responsiveness, silk-smooth animation, and a wide field of view: what more can you ask for on a screen3?
  • All-day AI eye protection: Avoid eye fatigue. Find the perfect fit for your eyes with a 4096-level brightness control and AI Brightness system whatever the light conditions.
  • Hop aboard an audiovisual journey. Dirac takes your audio experience to another level. Change the sound type to the mode that best suits the ones you're making: watch movies, play online, or listen to music.
  • Capture the vibrant of life. Do you want your photos to be as vivid as your memories? The AI Scene Enhancement system will make this possible.
  • Enhance your beauty. The AI Beautification 2.0 system can make your skin more perfect, it can apply a makeup of great realism, and much more.
  • Don't let lighting be a limit. The night mode algorithm ensures that dim lighting does not impact brightness quality.
  • Reinvented classic filters. After testing the various filters common to a wide variety of photos, we've redesigned our own portrait styles for maximum impact.
  • ColorOS 7.2: New and improved. A smarter and more intuitive assistant made for you. Make your routines easier with smart features like dark mode and smart sidebar.
  • Dark mode: Comfortable display throughout the day. Smart Sidebar: Open your apps conveniently and quickly.

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