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Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise Limited Edition



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The Nintendo Switch MONSTER HUNTER RISE edition incorporates in the base of Nintendo Switch an image of Magnamalo, the game's flagship monster, as well as other MONSTER HUNTER RISE themed designs that adorn the console and both Joy-Con controllers. This edition also includes a monster HUNTER RISE DLC, the Deluxe Kit DLC Pack, and additional content.

Features Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise Limited Edition

  • Monster Hunter Rise: Overlapping Armor Set for Hunter "Kamurai" • Piece of Armor Superimposed for Comrade Canyne "Shuriken Necklace" • Piece of Overlapping Armor for Comrade Felyne "Fish Necklace" • Gesture Set (4 Jumps) • Samurai Pose Set • Facial Paint "Kabuki" • Hairstyle "Coleta Izuchi"
  • 3 Game modes
    • TV Mode: Gather everyone in front of a screen and enjoy the game in company. Connect your console to your TV and everyone will have a great time, kids and adults. It's a great way to include the whole house, family and friends, in the game.
    • Desktop Mode: Share the screen, share the fun. If you don't have access to a TV, open the console stand and pass a Joy-Con to a friend to play co-op or competitive games on the same console screen.
    • Portable Mode: Take a splendid screen with you wherever you go. Enjoy the same gaming experience as on your TV, but in your hands. Let yourself be wrapped in games you never thought you could play away from home, whenever and however you want.
  • Local multiplayer. Connect up to eight consoles for multiplayer games. Up to eight Nintendo Switch can be connected to play competitive or cooperative games of up to eight players.
  • Online multiplayer. If you subscribe to the Nintendo Switch* online service, you can play online games with friends or other players around the world. You can also sync a mobile app that allows you to stay to play, meet in online rooms or chat during the game. *Subscription to this paid service will be available for free until its official launch in autumn 2017.
  • Fun for everyone with Joy-Con. Nintendo switch has two controllers, one on each side of the console, that work together: Joy-Con.
    • If you attach the two Joy-Cons to the Joy-Con controller holder, they will function as a conventional controller, while separately they will function as two fully functional individual controllers.
    • Pass a Joy-Con to a friend to play a cooperative or competitive game wherever you want.
    • In addition to playing by holding a Joy-Con vertically or horizontally, you can also play with both Joy-Con at once, one in each hand.
    • Fit the included Joy-Con controller straps and put them on your wrists for motion controls. If you hold the Joy-Con sideways, you can easily access the SL and SR buttons.

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