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Xiaomi Mi Range Extender Pro Wifi Amplifier 300Mbps



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Delivery On 04/08/2021

Create a reliable and fast network system using powerful 802.11n WiFi technology with the Wi-Fi repeater Xiaomi Mi Range Extender Pro.

A WiFi amplifier/repeater with which you'll get the most out of your high-speed fiber connection as it will allow you to transfer up to 300Mbps.


  • 300Mbps Wifi. Transfer speed up to 300Mbps
  • 2 external antennas. Advanced connection technology that allows you to ensure reliability Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home or office.
  • No Dead Zone. When connected to the router wirelessly, the signal is reinforced and expanded in areas where the router cannot by itself.
  • Up to 24 devices. 24 devices is the maximum recommended connections for a better experience.
  • Flexible placement. Once connected to a router, you can simply unplug it and plug it back into a place for better signal quality and coverage.
  • Easy to set up. Using my startup app, it is very convenient to connect to a router. In the meantime, it is simpler when the router is My Router.

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