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Xiaomi Mi Range Extender Pro 300Mbps - WiFi Amplifier



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The Xiaomi Mi Range Extender Pro 300Mbps Wifi amplifier manages to create a reliable and fast network. Once connected, it extends the signal to places where the router can't do it on its own. When the device already starts working, it ensures a strong and stable signal. With it you will say goodbye to the bad connection!

Features Xiaomi Mi Range Extender Pro 300Mbps - WiFi Amplifier

The Mi wifi Range Extender Pro Xiaomi repeater offers better connection for your home and office due to its design and speed. Let's look at its characteristics.

External antennas

  • It has two very powerful antennas.
  • They provide a better connection with high performance.
  • Due to their great precision, they detect the signal and its status, and then amplify and increase.

Specific design

  • The device is configured only without any help.
  • The system manages to reach a speed of 300 Mbps.
  • The hardware and software of the design achieve an arc-like signal, so that a fluid network is obtained in the office and at home.

Compatibility with other equipment

  • It can support a total of 64 devices and thus be able to meet the needs of the home.
  • It is compatible with routers of other brands.
  • Thanks to the Xiaomi my wifi app you can easily manage your network settings.

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