tp-link M7200 4G LTE Wi-Fi Mobile Router



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Go anywhere, connect everywhere. Share the Internet simultaneously with friends on up to 10 devices with the M7200tp-linkrouter. It has a 2000mAh battery for 8 hours of use.


  • Do more with a Faster Connection. The M7200 supports the latest generation of 4G FDD/TDD-LTE networks, providing pocket-sized Wi-Fi in most countries and regions. Now you can enjoy uncut HD video, fast file downloads and stable video chats no matter where life takes you.
  • Share the Internet simultaneously with friends on up to 10 devices. This compact device works smoothly with an impressive range of wireless devices. The M7200 can easily share a 4G/3G connection with up to 10 wireless devices such as tablets, laptops, and mobiles at the same time.
  • Power throughout the day with up to 8 hours of shared 4G. With its powerful 2000mAh battery, the M7200 can provide up to 8 hours of wireless connectivity, making it the perfect travel companion, work, outdoor activities and more. * Battery life may vary depending on environment conditions
  • Have your Network ready and Running in Seconds. The M7200 has a compact and friendly design, all you'll need is to insert a SIM card and press the power button. Your high-speed 4G hotspot will be operational in half a minute.
  • Easy management with tpMiFi App. With the tpMiFi App, you can easily access and manage the M7200 connected to your iOS/Android devices. The tpMiFi App allows you to set a data limit, control which devices can access your Wi-Fi and send messages.

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