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Google Nest Wifi Router White

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Nest Wifi covers your home with a reliable Wi-Fi network. 1 Works in the background to help make your Wi-Fi connection fast and keep buffering at bay. Nest Wifi is easily configured in the Google Home app. 2 Then you will have to connect and manage the devices of your network. If you want, you can pause your Wi-Fi connection to limit the time kids spend in front of the screen. Automatic updates help protect your network. And, if you need a little help, turn to the Google Assistant at the Nest Wifi point.

Control your connected devices, put on your favorite music, broadcast messages all over the house and much more just by using your voice. 3 Nest Wifi manages your entire connected home.

Features Google Nest Wifi Router White

Have it all always connected

Nest Wifi is easy to set up. Cover your home with a reliable Wi-Fi network 1 and work in the background to keep buffering at bay. Stream a 4K video in the living room and make a video call from the other side of the house without interruption. 2 Automatic updates allow you to protect your Wi-Fi network.

The new Wi-Fi system

Check the speed of your network from anywhere with your smartphone. 1 Easily create a guest network and share your password with just a few taps. 2 Decide which devices you want to prioritize so they have a faster connection and use parental controls to manage the time your kids spend online.

Your house, your style

Nest Wifi points incorporate a speaker and Google Assistant, and work with hundreds of compatible devices from brands you like. 1 Just say "Ok Google, pause the Wi-Fi connection of Daniel's devices" or say "Ok Google, dim the light" to prepare the atmosphere for dinner. 2 Nest Wifi makes it easy to add devices connected to your network, configure and manage them, and all from the Google Home app. 3 By offering coverage in every room of the house, all the devices in your home will work like silk. 4

Careful and simple

With a natural and simple curved design, Nest Wifi has been designed with your home in mind.

General characteristics:

  • Main functions:
    • Coverage in every corner of the house. The router and Nest Wifi points work together to provide a fast and reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout the house and keep buffering at bay. 1
    • Stream at full speed. It works smartly in the background so your Wi-Fi connection doesn't lose speed. 1 Move from room to room while making a video call without interrupting the signal. 2
    • Security that goes one step ahead. It's automatically updated to access new features and help protect your network.
    • Help all over the house, just by using your voice. The Nest Wifi point includes the Google Assistant, which allows you to play music, manage your Wi-Fi network, ask questions, control your connected devices and much more just by using your voice. 1
    • A simple setup in a few steps. Use the Google Home app to create a network and access the Internet in minutes. 1 You don't have to be a tech sazing.
    • Peace of mind for parents. Parental leave allows you to set up times to manage screen time, restrict certain types of adult content, and block the Wi-Fi connection of specific devices whenever you want.
    • Manage your connected home. Nest Wifi allows you to easily add to the network, configure and manage compatible devices from the Google Home application. 1
  • How mesh works:
    • Unlike traditional routers that have limited coverage, Nest Wifi distributes a smart Wi-Fi signal throughout the house. 1
    • Nest Wifi is a scalable and flexible connected Wi-Fi system that provides fast and stable coverage throughout the home. 1
    • The Wi-Fi router connects to your Internet provider's modem or to a gateway to create your Wi-Fi network.
    • Wi-Fi points work with the router to extend coverage and help the signal reach devices across the house quickly. 1
    • To expand your home's coverage, add more Nest Wifi points.

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