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Engel Pw3000 2.4 Ghz 54 Mb/s Blanco - Repetidor Wifi

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The Pw3000 2.4 Ghz 54 Mb/s white Wifi Engel repeater is an excellent option for you looking to improve the coverage and speed of your wireless network. In addition, thanks to its "access point" function and compatibility with wireless security protocols, this wifi repeater becomes an excellent alternative for your home. Get it now!


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Features Wifi repeater Engel Pw3000 2.4 Ghz 54 Mb / s White

The PW3000 Engel wifi repeater is ideal for homes with multiple devices connected to the wifi network. With its dual antenna technology, the device is capable of receiving and transmitting wifi signals efficiently and quickly. In addition, it has an LED indicator that allows you to know at all times the status of the device and if it is working correctly. Here are its best features:

Connectivity everywhere

With the PW3000 Engel wifi repeater, you'll never have to worry about dead zones in your home or office again. This repeater is easy to install and allows you to extend your router's signal to any part of your space. Whether you're in the basement or in the garden, you'll have a stable and fast connection across all your devices.

Fast speed and easy installation

With the Wi-Fi Engel repeater , you can enjoy an extremely fast connection thanks to the fact that it gives you a speed of up to 54 Mb / s and a frequency of 2.4 GHz of long range. In addition, this repeater has an easy and fast installation. Simply plug it into a power outlet and you're ready to extend your router's signal.

Universal compatibility

The PW3000 wifi repeater you can enjoy a fast and stable connection, because it is compatible with most devices that support wifi, since it uses the 802.11n/ac wifi standard. This includes devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and otros Wi-Fi capable devices.

Specifications of Engel PW3000 2.4 GHz 54 Mb/s White Wi-Fi Repeater:


  • Engel

Manufacturer Product ID

  • PW3000

Package Dimensions

  • 21.2 x 11.4 x 6 cm; 100 grams

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  • PW3000

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  • 1

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  • No

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Product Weight

  • 100 g

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