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LEGO Harry Potter Magic Trunk of Hogwarts - Lego



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This trunk contains a magical combination of customizable characters and scenes for Harry Potter fans from 8 years old to feel a personal and creative connection with the world of wizards.


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Features LEGO Harry Potter Magic Trunk of Hogwarts - Lego

  • This Harry Potter toy set with Hogwarts trunk includes mini figures LEGO and movie accessories for kids to create their own characters and stories.
  • The customizable Harry Potter luggage trunk contains different colors of the Hogwarts Houses and fun stickers for kids to build the trunk their way
  • A variety of mini figure accessories that allow kids to build up to 5 mini figures LEGO Harry Potter or create completely new characters
  • Includes furniture that magically transforms, Harry Potter items and accessories to combine and bring to life the adventures of Hogwarts
  • There are also 3 memorable scenes from the movies to build and make role-playing games: the Selection Ceremony; Banquet in the Great Hall; and the Common Room
  • This construction set includes a sorting hat, the marauder's map, Bertie Bott dragees of all flavors, potions, a cauldron, a book to make potions...
  • This infinitely versatile game is a fantastic customizable gift for Harry Potter fans looking for a personal and creative connection to the Wizarding World.

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