WD Green 480GB SATA3 SLC - SSD Disk

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Western Digital

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Get the new WD Green SATA3 SLC - SSD Disk. It's a trend in the record market. It improves storage capacity and opens applications much faster than other current hard drives. It offers a write and read system develop more quickly.

Features WD Green 480GB SATA3 SLC - SSD Disk

It is the option you were looking for so much. With this disc, you can surf the internet much faster, play games or boot the system instantly. WD Green vs Blue? It comes in a much more compact format than other versions and has a greater capacity for file storage. Still not decided on this version of WD Green SSD? Let's look at the most relevant features of this SSD disk.

Has solid-state durability

It is a compact, lightweight and shock-resistant product. It has no moving parts, which helps protect data and prevent loss of stored files. It is resistant to falls.

Less energy consumption and more fun in the day.

The WD Green SATA3 SLC consumes less power than other versions and brands of hard drives, allowing you to work, play games and enjoy the laptop as long as you want.

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