WD Green 3D SSD 240GB SATA3 - M.2 Hard Drive


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WD Green 3D SSD SATA3 is an SSD that contributes to the improvement and acceleration of everyday tasks such as, for example, the responses of the system that a computer or laptop must perform. WD Green solid state drives can be used in most computers and laptops, you can buy them in our store.

Features WD Green 3D SSD 240GB SATA3 - M.2 Hard Drive

Are you interested in acquiring a WD Green SSD? The WD SSD Green is one of the best options. Let's see what are its most remarkable features.

Improved performance

Increase system performance by using a solid-state disk Western Digital. It deploys SLC caching technology that optimizes browsing, writing, and gaming performance.

Solid State SSD

WD Green SSDs are lightweight and tolerate shocks that could cause data loss.

Less energy consumption

WD Green drives have reduced power consumption, so you can use your laptop longer.

Three-year limited warranty

WD Green SSDs have a three-year limited warranty for a better data storage experience.

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