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Kingston SATA3 A400 240GB - SSD



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Kingston A400 SATA3 gives you faster performance for smoother charging, responsive multitasking, and lag-free. It has a large capacity to store large amounts of information. Its controller provides higher read and write speeds. The disc is distinguished by high solidity and security. It can be used to store data and install applications.


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Features of Kingston A400 240GB SATA3 - SSD

Kingston A400 offers very advantageous features for you.


It has a capacity of 240 GB, which allows you to efficiently process and store a large amount of data. It is ideal for use in various computer systems.


The housing of the unit is made of a high-quality material and can ensure reliable operation.


Kingston A400 is equipped with SATA III interface, which significantly increases the performance of the model. The drive can run for a million hours and has a TBW resource of 300 TB.

      Weight and dimensions:

o   Width: 100 mm.

o   Depth: 69.9 mm.

o   Height: 7 mm.

o   Weight: 41 g.

      Energy control:

o   Power consumption (reading): 0.642 W.

o   Power consumption (writing): 1,535 W.

o   Power consumption (standby): 0.195 W.

o   Power consumption (average): 0.279 W.

      Technical details:

o   Operating temperature range: 0 - 70 °C.

o   Storage temperature range: -40 - 85 °C (-40 - 85 °F).

o   Operating vibration: 2.17 G.

o   Non-operating vibration: 20 G.


o   Windows operating system supported: Yes.

o   MAC operating system supported: Yes.

o   Supported Linux operating system: Yes.


o   SSD form factor: 2.5" SSD.

o   Color of product: Black.

o   Certification: CE, FCC.


o   Solid state disk, capacity: 240 GB.

o   Solid State Disk Interfaces: Serial ATA III.

o   Read speed: 500 MB/s.

o   Write speed: 450 MB/s.

o   Component for: PC/laptop.

o   NVM Express (NVMe) support: No.

o   Data transfer rate: 6 Gbit/s.

o   Memory type: TLC.

o   Controller type: 2Ch.

o   TBW rating: 160.

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