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A refurbished product is a product returned by a customer within the returns period,it has never been used more than 30 days. These products have been tested, certified and conditioned.

All certified refurbished devices sold by tiendacpu are covered by the one-year limited warranty. The limited guarantee is an additional guarantee to the legal guarantee in consumer goods so it does not endanger the rights recognized by the latter.

Before putting a refurbished device on sale, the device undergoes a rigorous reconditioning process:

  • A complete diagnostic test
  • Replacement of defective components identified during the test
  • Thorough cleaning and examination
  • Original product box.
  • Final quality control examination before acceptance as a certified refurbished product

All refurbished devices:

  • Includes original accessories.
  • They are subject to the same return policy as new devices.
  • Games, consoles or products with redeemable code or promotion inside them may not include such promotion or code, or the code or promotion may be previously redeemed.

All our refurbished products are located in the Refurbished section.