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Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 WiFi 15W White - Fan




Smart fan Xiaomi with voice control (Alexa or Google Assistant), 100 levels of speed. It is convertible into Foot Fan or Table Fan. Design with double blades (7 at the top and 5 at the bottom); that emulate changes in airflow. Multiple Settings to suit your needs.


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Features Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 WiFi 15W White - Fan

  • Natural Breeze Simulation: Xiaomi's smart fan, Mi Smart Standing Fan 2, features a dual-blade system, designed with 7 layers at the top and 5 layers at the bottom; which are responsible for the simulation of air flows. Thanks to this algorithm, "a natural simulation of the wind" is obtained, emitting gusts randomly in order to resemble the natural breeze as much as possible, and that you can not tell the difference.
  • Smart Fan: You can use the Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 fan, in the way that best suits your needs; since it has a control manually, or if you prefer you can also enjoy the advantages offered in the "My Home" app, where you can have a timer, information about the current temperature, and many more functions. You can also connect the fan to other Xiaomi devices.
  • Engine with greater Efficiency and Low Consumption: The Xiaomi fan, Mi Smart Standing Fan 2, arrives with a higher efficiency motor, which has double and brushless DC blades, resulting in the smoothest and quietest operation, since the fan works quietly, with a minimum noise level of 30.2 dB and a maximum noise level of 58 dB. It offers constant and stable speed in lower power consumption.
  • Size adjustable to any space in your home: You can adjust the fan as it best suits your needs, on the table, standing on the floor, on the shelf. You can adapt the fan to your spaces, since it has a tilting head, in addition to the horizontal rotation of 140 ° and an up and down inclination of 39 ° , reaching all corners of your room, also has an automatic rotation from left to right with angles of 30, 60, 90 or 120 degrees.

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