Roborock S7 Blanco - Robot Aspirador

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Take cleaning your home to the next level with sonic scrubbing. A radical change in the world of cleaning robots thanks to sonic technology.

To get rid of hangover dirt, vacuuming is not enough. It is necessary to scrub. the sonic technology of Roborock S7 rubs the soil up to 3000 times per minute1. It removes dry stains that some robots cannot clean, such as coffee stains, mud footprints, etc. This powerful scrubbing system is combined with Roborock's first self-washable mop, taking cleaning your home to a new level of comfort and convenience. If we add to this a new main brush completely made of HyperForce rubber and suction of 2500 Pa2, we have before us a real deep cleaning robot.


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Features Roborock S7 White - Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Introducing the VibraRise system. Great power effortlessly. Scrub with the power of sound1. Sonic vibration technology changes the concept of scrubbing in robot vacuum cleaners. No more "dragging a wet cloth." Now, the scrubbing cloth rubs the stains up to 3000 times per minute. With a 300 ml electronic water tank, it cleans the floors thoroughly and effectively.
  • Self-lifting mop. The smart mop rises3 when the S7 detects a carpet, so the robot scrubs the floors and vacuums the carpets in the same cleaning session4. It also rises when it's on the charging base or when it finishes cleaning, so you can say goodbye to plastic mats and dragged dirt marks.
  • Ultrasonic carpet recognition. Using ultrasonic technology, the S7 identifies carpets with extraordinary precision. What I do next is up to you. Lift the scrubbing cloth and start vacuuming3,4, turn around and continue focusing on the floor or even keep scrubbing: you know what your home needs.
  • Improved floating brush. Closer to clean better. To remove dirt, a brush has to be close to the ground. The S7's new floating main brush, improved to allow for multiple types of new movements, stays glued to the ground even on uneven surfaces for better cleaning.
  • New brush completely rubber. Durable anti-dirt technology. The old bristle design has been replaced by a design with all-rubber fins. It is more durable. Spiral-shaped fins are better shaken. And its anti-tangle capacity has also been optimized5.
  • Intense suction. The S7, equipped with Roborock's HyperForce™ suction system, gets 2500 Pa2 of suction that captures everything from the finest dust on the floor to the hair tangled in the carpets and, of course, everything in between.
  • Clean and clean and clean. Greater capacity means less work for you. Its 470 ml powder tank stores dirt from days and days. Its 300 ml water tank can clean up to 200 m2 6 in one session. To provide you with power, it has a 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery that allows cleaning up to 3 hours7 on a single charge.
  • Full control in your hands
    • Accurate maps. its precise LiDAR navigation creates detailed maps of your home and identifies rooms up to four stories.
    • Trajectory tracking. it allows you to follow the exact route used during cleaning and know where it has been scrubbed and where it has been vacuumed.
    • Carpet visualization. identified carpets are automatically displayed on all maps for easy cleaning management.
    • Choice of cleaning intensity. you can choose the suction power. Vibration power. Volume of water. Even a special mode of "thorough scrubbing" to offer a cleaning of great intensity. You choose what suits you best.
    • Advanced schedules. Automate cleaning to fit your life. Clean specific rooms at specific times, several times a day, the whole house once a week or any other combination you can think of.
    • Voice control. Commands in Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri Shortcuts will allow you to control the robot vacuum cleaner with your voice.

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