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Yimi Life Fingertip YM101 - Oxygen Sensor

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Premium oximeter device for home use 8-10 seconds Reading 1.5-inch LED display in full screen Modern and aerodynamic design Configurable spO2 extreme values and pulse that trigger a visual alarm Easy to read Adjustable screen brightness Automatic shutdown function Low battery indicator IP22 waterproof Dust resistant Screen color : red Declared accuracy 70% - 100% SpO2

Features Yimi Life Fingertip YM101 - Oxygen Sensor

  • SIMPLE SOLUTION: Checking your vital signs is easy and fast with this pulse oximeter! This oxygen monitoring device is a wonderful solution that allows you and your family to check pulse and oxygen levels in the comfort of your home. (NON-MEDICAL DEVICE!)
  • EXACT DEVICE: Our oxygen monitor O2 for oxygen can accurately assess your vital signs. It has a declared accuracy of 70% to 100% SpO2. The O2 and pulse levels are plotted on a bright LED display that is easy to read and erase.
  • EASY TO USE: All you need to do to control your oxygen and pulse is to place the oxygen meter on your finger and turn it on. In just 8-10 seconds, you will be able to read the precise levels of O2 in your blood. The pulse oximeter is ideal for the whole family, including children, to use.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: This finger blood oxygen monitor is compact and lightweight. You can easily pack it in your travel suitcase, backpack and purse. This oxygen meter is a great accessory for the gym if you want to check your vital signs after a hard workout.
  • FULL GAME: NO Batteries in the packaging. The digital oximeter comes in a compact case that allows you to store it easily and safely. The package also includes a handy transport belt. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to use and clean the O2 meter.

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