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Razer Naga Trinity 16000 DPI - Gaming Mouse



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Razer Naga Trinity 16000 DPI - Gaming Mouse is the most versatile mouse version on the market for Razerbrand players. This gaming mouse razer offers advanced technology with a high-precision sensor that can follow movements at speeds much higher than the conventional mouse. In addition, it allows the configuration according to the needs, from the structure to the customizations of buttons so that you are updated ahead of the competition.

Features Razer Naga Trinity 16000 DPI - Gaming Mouse

Are you interested in playing with the new gamimg mouse razer? The mouseRazer Naga Trinity is one of the best options on the market in terms of customization, as it offers interchangeable structures according to the scenario you need in the games. It incorporates a 5G sensor, the most advanced in the world for precision and displacement.

Custom design

  • The materials used with an interchangeable structure to adapt it to your shape, with side plates to configure between 2 to 12 buttons. Each is designed to highlight and avoid mistakes when using them.

High precision 5G technology

  • This technology gives you another level of accuracy and speed when playing, up to 16000 IPS.
  • Professional-quality sensor for personal adjustment for pixel-by-pixel accuracy tracking.

Designed for gamers

  • The new gaming mouse is designed to provide a long life.
  • ChromaTM Razer color lighting with up to 16.8 million customizable colors.
  • Special touch scroll wheel for gaming.

Customizing interchangeable buttons

  • You can transform your mouse according to your reach, with 19 buttons that can be programmed to enjoy numerous possibilities. You can assign basic commands or all those that are available, according to the game scenarios.

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