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Turtle Beach Elite Atlas - Gaming Headsets


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Turtle Beach Elite Atlas offer unparalleled sport performance and comfort in all your games, skirmishes and battles. Professionally tuned 50mm Nanoclear speakers are now ready for Windows Sonic surround sound. Comfortable ear pads suppress external noise while improving bass reproduction.

Characteristics of Turtle Beach Elite Atlas

The Turtle Beach Atlas Elite headphones offer very interesting features for you:

Large speakers

Thanks to Turtle Beach's innovative Nanoclear speakers, developed specifically for esports, the Elite Atlas gaming headset gives you a whole new listening experience with excellent sound reproduction and crisp team chat.

Professional gaming microphone

Team communication is the foundation and end of everything in esports. A command can decide whether matches are won or lost. The crisp chat audio of the Elite Atlas PC gaming headset with TruSpeak technology ensures that every command is heard loud and clear.

Aerofit Headphones

Innovative material technologies allow you uncompromising play at a competitive level throughout the night if needed. Headphones covered in fabric and memory foam for unparalleled comfort. Separate internal and external leather sidewalls offer passive sound insulation against outside noise while improving bass reproduction.

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