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Razer Kraken X Multiplatform - Gaming Headset 7.1



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Razer Kraken X Cross-Platform is an ultra-light, cross-platform gaming headset designed for maximum comfort, durability and crisp sound. Master precise spatial positional sound, while soft headphones and an adjustable headband ensure your game is completely comfortable. You will never feel the weight of headphones on your head again. The Kraken X Razer is designed to be ultralight.


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Features Razer Kraken X Cross-Platform - Gaming Headset 7.1

Kraken Razer helmets offer very interesting features for you:

Surround sound

With the Kraken X Razer gaming headset you'll experience surround sound for precise positioning in any gaming environment, from raucous battles to covert operations.

Folded cardioid microphone

The Kraken X Razer gaming headset is equipped with a folded cardioid microphone. The cardioid collection ensures that the sound is recorded at a very narrow angle. This makes the voice clearly audible during a conversation and avoids noise from the side and back of the microphone.

Tuned controllers

The Kraken X Razer has special tuned drivers that emit crisp, clear sound with powerful, dynamic bass. Exceptional sound clarity combined with powerful bass simulates a wide soundstage.

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