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Astro Gaming A50 - Wireless Headset & Charging Dock



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Astro Gaming A50 are the ideal wireless headphones to enjoy the sounds of games with greater precision and quality. Properly equipped to be used as a wireless charging base headphones, in addition to their mod kit, they make these headphones one of the most requested sound devices.

Features Astro Gaming A50 - Wireless Headset and Charging Dock +Mod Kit

The A50 gamingAstro headphones for different games have several particular characteristics that make them stand out from the other headphones on the market. Let's look at these features.

Astro Audio V2

Thanks to its V2 Audio, it provides a varied frequency range in a precise and smooth way, which allows you to clearly perceive the treble, the controlled mid sounds and the bass without distorting conversations or music.

Individualized customization

You can modify and improve the appearance of the A50 headphones thanks to its mod kit.

Synthetic leather pads

Its comfortable pads made of synthetic leather offer an isolation from background noise which results in a greater possibility of concentration.

Comfortable headband

The headband of these headphones is made of synthetic leather, which provides security of support and comfort over the head without pressing.

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